Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day Seven (8/1/07)

We were dropped off at our hotel last night at 10:30 and told that we would be leaving at 6:30 in the morning to ctch our next flight. We were also told that we needed to have our luggage out by midnight to be checked in. Even though I did not say in the hotel for very long, it was by far the nices hotel I have ever stayed in. Up above you will see a picture of the nicest shower/bathtub combination I have ever seen.

We actually made the flight on time (and believe it or not the flight took off on time) and now we are headed to Hangzhou. Stepping off of the plane I can explain Hangzhou in one word: HOT. The temperature today hit 104 degrees which caused us to change our schedule around a little bit. We started off by going to the Pagoda Of Six Harmonies. This pagoda is a beautiful lighthouse that has an amazing grden surrounding it.

After the pagoda. we took an amazing boat cruise. We were able to ride around the lake and then afterwards walk around the garden. This was magnificent, exceot for the fact that we were walking for more than an hour in 104 degree heat. I have never sweated so much in my life.

Here are some of my observations and notes from today:
1. Bartends in Hangzhou are not real intelligent people. It took us 30 minutes for one bar to get our tabs straight tonight. They were charging us for things that we didn't even buy.

2. On some Chinese flights they play games. Halfway through our flight today the stewardess gave us each a card where we had to scatch off two squares. If the squares matched you won 100 yuan (about $13). I've never experienced anything lke this before.


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